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KIND Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd was established in 2010, located in Xinhe Industrial Park, Dongguan District, GuangDong, China. Which specialize in designing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining all kinds of high precision parts, fixtures and automation equipments.The company has advanced machining equipments & the quality check-out facility, such as HARDINGE CNC machining center, FAUNC wire cutting, Grinding machine, Milling machine, Lathe etc, and for testing facility: ZEISS CMM, TESA Height Gauge, RATIONAL Image Measuring Apparatus, Block Gauge…
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By the end of December 2014,KIND company purchas... November 2014 KIND company achieved the ISO9001 ... September 2014 four-axis robot has started to pr... 2014 KIND moved to Xinhe industrial Park, Wanjia... February 2012 KIND company began to product  num... 2010 KIND company was established in Nancheng Di...
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