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We have a large number of high qualified senior engineers who are professional and excellent in mechanical design, software development, debugging and after-sales service. For years of experience in the designing of non-standard automated assembly line and equipment, our engineers are familiar with 3D software, intuitive presents the required program, the various brands PLC, touch screen programming, PCB production, microcontroller programming, VB, VC ++ and other high-level control program language, we are also good at servo motor control, machine visual solutions, skilled various CCD, lens and frame grabbers, vision in terms of location, character recognition, to provide customers the design, development and integration of a range of integrated solutions; we can quickly solve engineering, technical support and other issues, so that to enhance the value of customers' products. The main products of our company are automated production line, automatic assembly machine, automatic tester, automatic locking screw machines, automatic dispenser, automatic washing machines, beer presses, automatic hot melt machine and various agencies, such as the various fixtures. The main services are in the field of electronics, semiconductor memory, cell phones, magnetic heads, hard disk manufacturing and other high-tech industries.

Our engineering team has a wealth of management experience and modern concepts. we use project management techniques to follow the progress, quality, cost, quality and to ensure the project completed in time. According to the project needs we form a project team, effective communicate with customers, the formation of the project plan, define the scope of the project. Prepared in accordance with the design WBS, draw schedule table, schedule resources in accordance with the schedule, the time control. Introduction of QFD method for quality control, to convert customer needs into our technical indicators, considered at the design stage parts machining, assembly and commissioning, the device easy to operate, and easy to follow process with the process requirements and maintenance.

Try to understand the customer, to think for customers, to help customers solve real problems, and grow together with customers is our unremitting pursuit.

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